Product Designer UX/UI, Yuno, Zurich, 2023-2024

Shaping the future of the Swiss circular economy in consumer electronics and promoting the shift from ownership to usership.

Yuno is a circular business aiming to give easy and affordable access to consumer electronics. Customers can take advantage of sustainable and worry-free use by flexible rentals tailored to their needs. Yuno was initiated by former innovation hub Sparrow Ventures, part of the Migros Group.
My Role
As a Swiss army knife, I'm exposed to a wide range of responsibilities spanning strategic decision-making, developing value propositions that meet both customer needs and business objectives and translating knowledge into artifacts. I rolled out a rebranding, lead customer research, and gave Yuno the face it has.
With over 12.000 subscriptions, and 40% returning customers, we have convinced many of the advantages of renting electronic devices. Not only have we removed financial barriers to accessing technology, but the enthusiastic feedback on the newfound flexibility, independence, and simplicity speaks volumes.
Phase 1 - Redesigning the product

Getting the business ready to scale with Yuno 2.0.

Making the platform future-proof
After a successful first year, the product and tech stack had to be rebuilt in order to keep up with the increasing demand and quickly growing customer base. I led the redesign with an optimized responsive storefront in three languages.
Rebranding and visual identity
I implemented a rebranding strategy and developed a new visual identity to bring the brand values alive. Simulataneously I had to secure accessibility and maintain consistency as well as coherence across the product.
Establishing a design system
In parallel, I laid the foundation for a robust design system with guidelines organized in a centralized repository. I collaborated with the product and tech team to ensure alignment with project goals and to guarantee feasability. Thus, I could foster consistency, accelerate the development and enhance efficient collaboration.
Phase 2 - Designing the customer experience

Balancing vision and detail for the full experience.

Multi-channel research strategy
By developing a multi-channel research strategy, we aimed at gaining insights from diverse sources. This involved continuous discovery efforts to uncover emerging trends and evolving customer preferences through interviews, usability testings, surveys, A/B testings, and analytics.
Dual-tracked product development
We adopted a dual-track approach. This enables us to simultaneously focus on fulfilling short-term objectives, such as implementing specific features, while also pursuing long-term goals with more substantial impact. By maintaining this balance, we ensured that our efforts align with both immediate needs and overarching objectives.
New Feature - Customer Portal

All subscriptions in one view. The customer portal.

Research Findings

Users lacked a comprehensive overview of their subscriptions with Yuno 1.0, leaving them unable to access relevant details, status updates, and efficiently manage their subscriptions.

With Yuno 2.0 we introduced the all-new customer portal. Users find everything relevant to their subscriptions, payments and personal details. We iteratively introduced features to change the payment methods, return or buy-out.

Customer feedback confirmed the appreciation for the advanced capabilities. Users viewed the portal as a central hub for all subscription-related matters, a safe haven for accessing necessary information.
New Feature - Return Process

A well-structured return process offers users clarity and facilitates smoother logistics.

Research Findings

Unclarity and device refurbishment issues
Devices often returned locked with private data and accounts not removed, leaving following users unable to access their devices. Some products lacked essential accessories and packages were sent to wrong addresses, complicating returns.

Streamlined device return process
I designed a linear and straightforward return process that guides users step-by-step and gives clear instructions what to do before returning. This guarantees a seamless and error-free experience when returning devices.

Ensuring benefits for all stakeholders
Customers enjoy an easy return experience while logistics benefit from faster handling times and simpler refurbishing processes. Finance sees reduced depreciation due to fewer missing pieces, and the product team gains insights into reasons for returns.
Phase 3 - Designing the service

Refining the value proposition

Making the rental a personal fit
Moving beyond being a simple device provider, we set to offer more personalized experiences that fit individual preferences. This required a deep understanding of customer needs, desires and expectations which we researched in multiple series of jobs-to-be-done interviews.
Uncovering the latent customer needs
A central research objective was to unveil the underlaying reasons why customers prefer renting over buying, identifying four main drivers:

Customers choose Yuno for the flexibility to use tech in the most effective way for their individual needs.

Customers choose Yuno so they can enjoy tech without the financial burden.

Customers choose Yuno for the opportunity to explore tech in a unique way not available elsewhere.

Customers choose Yuno for providing peace of mind through a seamless journey from product acquisition to end-of-life.
From device provider to holistic service
We explored untapped potential to provide more than just devices but a more personalized experience. This includes optional insurance coverage plans for devices, game bundles for gaming consoles or mobile subscriptions for smartphones.
Rental models to fit every scenario
Based on our findings that customers seek primarily maximum flexibility, we embarked on enhancing our offerings to better meet their needs. We've explored new rental models and more tailored subscription plans such as rolling plans without minimum rental durations or simplified product swaps and upgrades.

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