McKinsey Design,

Design Consulting, McKinsey, Stockholm, 2020-2023

As a design consultant, I worked along clients in a variety of roles ranging from strategic design to product development to create experiences, products & services for organizations worldwide.

The design collective of McKinsey pairs business expertise with human-centered design to support, build, scale, or reinvent leading organizations around the globe. The Stockholm Studio puts strong emphasis on solutions that benefit the planet.
My Role
By leveriging the full value of design, I connected digital, physical and human touchpoints. In highly multidisciplinary, agile teams, I collaborated with other designers, researchers, analysts and generalists to deliver holistic impact.
I aimed to help clients drive sustainable and inclusive growth by identifying opportunities in unmet customer needs. Ultimately I tried to make organizations more innovative through products and services that create value.
Phygital Design

Redefining medical devices and treatment by the help of AI.

Teaming up with an industry-leading client, we undertook a transformative initiative to reinvent both a medical device and its associated treatment approach. By leveraging cutting-edge AI-informed sensor evaluation, we revolutionized the device to offer personalized treatment tailored to individual patient needs. This approach not only enhances the efficacy of medical interventions but also reshapes the entire patient experience.
My contribution
My involvement spanned from strategic to executive level: Mapping and refinement of the patient journey, conceptualisation of a tablet / desktop software for clinicians, a smartphone app for patients and the physical design of the sensor module of the device. With my hybrid background in industrial and interaction design, I was equipped to find solutions that integrate both physical and digital elements ensuring a harmonious interaction between the tangible and virtual aspects of the treatment.
Experience & Service Design

Bringing the qualities of precision engineering to the digital era.

We helped a global manufacturer of high-end devices to navigate the complexities of digital transformation. Renowned for their precision in engineering, our objective was to seamlessly translate their core values and outstanding brand experience, typically linked with their physical products, into the realm of digital applications. The key challenge was aligning the digital brand presence with the stringent expectations of their target customer base.
My contribution
My primary focus was on obtaining deep qualitative customer insights through various research methods, including in-situ interviews, contextual observations, and focus groups. Subsequently, I translated these insights into actionable opportunities and ultimately implemented them into digital features.
*Disclaimer: The projects mentioned above are subject to confidentiality agreements, thus clients and products have been anonymized.

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